We specialise in production of industrial paints for plastic surfaces (Polyurethane and Acrylic paints), traffic paints, automotive paints, wood paints, aluminium surfaces, construction material, and etc.

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Polyaspartic coating for metal surfaces would be revolution in protective coatings. In general, coating systems on metallic surfaces usually include primer with the high solid content, as a first layer, and 3 to 5 layers (or more) of different coatings. Each layer is used in order to achieve a particular purpose. But in this coating, the number of layers has been reduced to a maximum of two. The reason for the reduction of the number of layers is to improve the adhesion properties of the first layer to the substrate, while still retaining excellent protective characteristics.


The Polyaspartic coating (Eternal) is highly stable, hard, and extremely resistant against weathering and abrasion. Eternal is applied directly to the carbon steel surface in a thin layer of 85 microns of dry film thickness showed excellent protection against chemical and mechanical damage.

According to the test results, Eternal reduces the number of layers to be applied compared to the conventional coating systems, has high resistance, ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) content (114 g L-1), and consequently reduces maintenance costs and environmental impact of the coating process.

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One component thermoplastic acrylic coating
(solvent based) is able to coat many type of plastics (e.g. PVC, ABS, HIPS,
Noryl and PC).

This is specially formulated as a base coat to have excellent adhesion over ABS plastic and also having perfect internal coat adhesion.

Applying system of this coating is as conventional methods. This coating can be produced in glass, semi matt and matt levels

Some advantages of Acrylcoat are:

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Super Lotus

One component water based varnish for wood surfaces (exterior & interior). The varnish is a transparent, hard, protective finish or film primarily used in wood finishing. SUPER LOTUS is glossy, but it is possible to produce semi- matt or matt.

One of the magnificent advantages of SUPER LOTUS is to be formulated not only for exterior but also interior surfaces.The other advantages are rapid drying and on time curing. The minimum time for delaying between the applications SUPER LOTUS on layer should not be less than 30 minutes.

The high water and damp resistant is the other advantage of SUPER LOTUS that is very important in wood industries. The mainly problem in wood industries is to control the humidity. The condition of the wood surface is an important factor affecting coating application success.

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Nanoparticles of silver phosphate (20 nm) are used as an antimicrobial agents. They are spherical with large surface area.

Capsules containing antimicrobial nanoparticles will be released and spread all over the paint film. The paint film is a very thin layer of 100 microns (DFT) with excellent adhesion to the surface of all types of metals and composites. This film has a very long life (min.1year) on the metal surface and is completely resistant to impact and scratches.

Our antimicrobial coating has been designed to address both industrial and medical problems and yet unsolved issues.

These active capsules are completely sensitive to body temperature and contact however it can be made reactant as a smart coating to any other external factors should it be used in industrial applications.



The main purpose of producing this paint is to significantly reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria and produce ever-clean surfaces with an immunity level of 99.99%.

Also, by using Antimicrobial coating, the consumption of disinfectants will be highly reduced. We would like to remind that disinfectants are mainly a combination of chemicals with detrimental effects on human skin and the environment if used over prolonged times.

This coating can be used as a long-term solution to prevent the spread of viruses sitting on metal surfaces, handles, tables, chairs, etc., especially in public places such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets, airports, entertainment and shopping centers, bus and train stations, etc.

 Industry wise our purpose was to design film coating on which, the attachment of microorganisms will be made impossible.

These properties will be gained by making these surfaces extremely superhydrophobic using nano silicon particles which will leave no need for using biocides which are basically chemical harmful to the environment.

As we all know, silicon nanoparticles have the following unique properties 1. They create high surface tension (cohesive force) 2. They show very small wetting 3. thus, they create the lowest possible contact angle. 


We want to contribute to vulnerable road-user safety in industry, as well as in traffic. Traffic paints are often applied at night due to low traffic which reduces the problems caused by the closure of lanes in order to work. However, this means that the paint is applied in a non-ideal condition for drying, which further provides the important influence of fillers accelerates drying. The long stability of this coating creates the labeling longer visible after application, therefore they must be re-applied less frequently, which brings big savings in road maintenance.

During the day this coating can absorb the sun lights and when the weather gets dark it will reflect the light and helps drivers to have a good vision. The other important factor of this coating is the stability of this new generation of road marking paint so that will stay on road for a long time, for example after 9 months more than 50% of this coating will remain.
So, the new coating does not need to use glass beads for achieving the reflection then this coating reduces the cost.
These products are used for line-marking and markings on smaller roads, car parks, airports, etc.
These products are available in the most common colors, but custom colors are also available. These products can always be used easily with simple airless machines.

The advantages of this coating are:

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