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About Dr. Arezoo Assarian

Dr. Arezoo Assarian established Eninco Engineering B.V. in 2018 to fulfill her dreams of creating a better world in which we can increase productivity from minimum coating usage. She is also a researcher, innovator, consultant, and expert in manufacturing industrial and construction coatings. With a deep knowledge of both the science of manufacturing industrial coatings and the real-world conditions for the application of these coatings, she has provided expert witness as well as consulting and inspection to a wide range of industries. Her knowledge about the chemistry lying at the base of coatings manufacturing processes, allowed her to invent coatings that can be applied directly onto metallic (carbon steel), wood, and all types of plastics: these coatings, all certified by SGS and TUV in The Netherlands, are exceptional in their properties that have been explained in detail in the related sections.

Dr. Arezoo Assarian started her journey in the world of coatings from her early young years: at the age of 20, she was successful to become the production manager of a well-known coating & paint manufacturing company in Asia. She has over 30 years of hard, fieldwork experience in industries such as but not limited to new energy industries (wind turbines), conventional power generation (thermal power plants), off-shore and on-shore oil& gas platforms, drydock and shipyard/shipbuilding, infrastructures (bridges) and many more in Europe and The Middle East. In addition, she has a vast knowledge about the environmental effects of nanoparticles and smart coatings on the environment, gained from being present and having worked in several industries for years. This knowledge has enabled her to manage the possible harmful side effects of the smart coatings she has manufactured to very low levels, even lower than the acceptable levels by European standards.

She pioneered in highly improving the technology used for manufacturing coatings in such a way that the adverse environmental impacts imposed by conventional coatings on the health of the environment and humans via using multi-layer coatings, in the coatings invented by Dr. Arezoo almost disappear as instead of multi-layer protection, she gets the same or even better protection using a mono-layer coating. This not only saves a lot in application costs but also through reducing the chemicals required for manufacturing- does have a healing effect on the environment as well as humans’ biosafety.Dr. Arezoo is a certified inspector of coating (CIP II, NACE-USA) and welding (CSWIP3.0, TWI-UK).

Currently, she is being the CEO of Eninco Engineering B.V. Dr. Arezoo has been working on the development of antimicrobial coating. In this project, she has used for the first time in situ encapsulation technology to make an antimicrobial coating that has passed significant verification tests successfully.

More about Us!

Eninco Engineering B.V. is a Consulting & Engineering Services firm that provides project consultancy in the field of paint and coating system engineering through technical excellence, innovation, and dedication. It offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for the successful execution of projects through its experts who possess a high level of professional competence.

The services provided for all the projects include project identification, techno-economic feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, deployment supervision and project management.

Professional coatings project design and independent paint inspection services help owners of industrial and commercial structures mitigate the risks of corrosion by verifying the quality and longevity of protective coating systems. Verification of coatings application quality is highly desirable when structures of any type are undergoing repair or replacement of exterior coatings or interior linings. QA inspections on behalf of facility owners provide verification that the contractor’s QC practices are adequate to achieve the desired final product as defined in the painting specification.

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