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Our inspection services can provide you with detailed specifications to meet your requirements, along with quality control to ensure that you get the highest level of coating inspection quality. Our services include sampling and testing the properties of the coatings on metal, wood, plastic, concrete, asphalt, and glass which are used in industries, buildings, Automotive sectors, Aircraft, Platforms, Shipyards, Ship buildings, Transmission lines, Transport, bridges, pipelines, tanks, stadiums and etc.

Coating Inspection

Our services include sampling and testing archaic building materials, determining framing plans and details of structural connections, performing corrosion and coating thickness surveys, and in-situ load testing of structural components and systems. Our Inspection Services is committed to provide solutions. This is a full-service provider of inspection service. Our Advanced Inspection Services has a dedicated staff tasked with developing specialized techniques, which are then applied in the field and used commercially.

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