Traffic paints


We want to contribute to vulnerable road-user safety in industry, as well as in traffic.

Traffic paints are often applied at night due to low traffic which reduces the problems caused by the closure of lanes in order to work. However, this means that the paint is applied in a non-ideal condition for drying, which further provides the important influence of fillers accelerate drying. The long stability of this coating creates the labeling longer visible after application, therefore they must be re-applied less frequently, which brings big savings in road maintenance.

Described exhaustive tests have shown that the new generation of road marking paint offers markings better than conventional paints, and thus greater safety of traffic participants. A partial replacement of nanofillers with a range of 6% to 9% gave the desired results to improve the properties of the product at a competitive price, especially in greatly improved drying time and night-time visibility. Higher proportions of nanofillers gave modest improvement versus ideal 9%, which made them economically not viable.

The advantages of this coating are:

  • Environment-friendly coating,
  • High-quality product,
  • High durability
  • Containing smart raw materials
  • Reduce car accident
  • Drying
  • Time to complete dryness (drying profile)
  • Night visibility
  • Skid resistance (grip)
  • Abrasion resistance
  • and cost-effective.

During the day this coating can absorb the sun lights and when the weather gets dark it will reflect the light and helps drivers to have a good vision. The other important factor of this coating is the stability of this new generation of road marking paint so that will stay on road for a long time, for example after 9 months more than 50% of this coating will remain.

So, the new coating does not need to use glass beads for achieving the reflection then this coating reduces the cost.

These products are used for line-marking and markings on smaller roads, car parks, airports, etc.

These products are available in the most common colors, but custom colors are also available. These products can always be used easily with simple airless machines.