Plastic coatings


One component thermoplastic acrylic coating (solvent based) is able to coat many type of plastics (e.g. PVC, ABS, HIPS, Noryl and PC)

Some advantages of ACRYLCOAT are:

  • Color stability,
  • Chemical & water resistance,
  • Very fast drying (short surface drying time less than 5 min),
  • Excellent adhesion on smooth plastic surfaces,
  • High scratch resistance,
  • Exterior durability,
  • High chemical solvents resistance,
  • Excellent hardness,
  • Good heat resistance,
  • Hydrocarbonic and alcoholic solvent resistance,
  • Non-yellowing base coat for plastic components such as ABS,
  • High UV lights, humidity and weathering resistance.

This is specially formulated as a base coat to have excellent adhesion over ABS plastic and also having perfect internal coat adhesion.       

Applying system of this coating is as conventional methods. This coating can be produced in glass, semi matt and matt levels.