Coating inspection

Coating inspection

Our services include sampling and testing archaic building materials, determining framing plans and details of structural connections, performing corrosion and coating thickness surveys, and in-situ load testing of structural components and systems. Our Inspection Services is committed to provide solutions. This is a full-service provider of inspection service. Our Advanced Inspection Services has a dedicated staff tasked with developing specialized techniques, which are then applied in the field and used commercially.

The procedure of PCI services (preparation, coating, inspection) in our company includes:

  • Inspection during of surface preparation
  • Inspection during of apply coating
  • According with the Local/International Standard
  • Final QC testing

With the large, second generation steel structures aging to the point at which many maintenance issues will become more noticeable, utilities must develop innovative inspection and maintenance practices that will save time as well as keep the system both safe and reliable. 

Many electrical utilities are spending research dollars to develop new inspection and maintenance tools and procedures. The costs associated with the maintenance of these second-generation lines will be significant because of their large numbers, but with good inspection processes, tools, and innovation, along with thorough, long-lasting maintenance programs, the costs can be minimized.

Because of the growing system needs, some of the older lines will be rebuilt to a higher standard than their original standard and others will have major maintenance projects performed on them. Crews will have to be trained to understand what to look for when performing inspection as well as to understand the critical aspects of a steel structure. 

Steel structures coating programs will have to be utilized more to decrease future maintenance expenditures and prevent premature failures of the system. 


A continued focus must be on the inspection and maintenance of the critical groundline termination of the structure. 

New tools and technologies will be required to improve inspection and maintenance practices and many are currently being tested. The industry standards under development will help the industry understand key issues in maintaining the steel structure above and below ground. These standards will also provide best practices for the proper atmospheric and below ground coatings applications to better maintain and support the reliability of utility steel structures.

How do you achieve the lowest lifetime maintenance costs for coatings applications?

Coatings materials account for only a small percentage of overall project cost. Reducing preparation costs or maintenance intervals offers tremendous payback potential.

Consider packaging surveys, inspections, and warranties into the coating’s lifetime costs. Work with several paint manufacturing partners to achieve extended coatings life intervals with fewer applied coating layers.

Trained and certified professionals help commercial building owners properly protect and maintain their vital assets.

Commercial services include:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Coating Condition Surveys
  • Coating Failure Analysis, Specifications, and Expert Witness
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Painting Inspection
  • Steel Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection and Design Services
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Services